What you'll need

What to pack

Ubud, Bali is a tropical climate so you need to dress with this in mind. Our tours are in the dry season with sunny days that average around 31 Degrees Celsius. Expect the occasional afternoon shower and a bit of humidity. Evenings can at times be cool though.

Pack like you're off to the beach in Australia. You'll need light, loose clothing that offers sun protection, a hat and sunscreen. Insect repellent is a must too. A good pair of sandals, thongs or shoes and you'll need swimwear for the pool. Finally a light jacket should it get cool of an evening.  Don't worry about being too trendy, everyone goes out to dinner in shorts, shirts and thongs here in Bali. 

It's more fun with a friend...

Partner Price - $990  (non-Workshop)

We understand that sometimes you have a friend or partner that may want to see all the sights but isn't really an arty type. Why not bring them along? They can stay with you and enjoy all the activities, meals and trips for only $990 AUD.  While we are sketching away your partner can get a massage, explore the areas where we are drawing or just relax in the pool. 

Twin Share - $1690 (Workshop)

For those travelling and making art together, what better way to save money than to each grab a Twin Share ticket. Just email us when you purchase your tickets to let us know who you are sharing with and we'll take care of the rest.  

*This price is also available for those individuals who are happy to share with another. 


What to bring

Art Materials:

What you'd like to work with is a personal preference. That said, the idea is you should be free to move and travel light. The workshops last from 2.5-3 hours. We suggest the following:

We suggest:

  • a number of 2B-6B pencils

  • small box knife for sharpening pencils

  • a couple of waterproof pens/ ink pens

  • A5/A4 sketch pad – good heavy cartridge is fine. 

  • a watercolour travel set and brushes

  • a small portable stool

  • a small hand towel

  • a hat and sunscreen

  • a small cup or sealable container for painting

  • a camera (or phone)

  • a small bag for your art materials

  • any other desired materials