New friends and great sketching locations

Your journey awaits...


  • ​To Gerald and Michael,                               What a week! How great you guys have been. The organisation - brilliant. The 'info' overload - fabulous (a gift that will keep on giving). The individual help has been outstanding & confidence building. Your planning or our visits in and around Ubud has really enriched our time here with you all. Thank you for 'Drawing us to Bali'! Julie Stark, Christine Cross, Sue Swaddling,          Michelle McGuinn. 'The Bali Four' 
  • The sights and sounds and sketching and sharing during this amazing week will stay with me forever. A sensory delight!
        Leigh Harding.
Feedback from 2019 Drawn to Bali
  • Relaxed, engaged and very informative!
  • Knowledgeable, approachable and easy going but clear and precise.
  • I came to experience Michael's approach to urban sketching. I am a member of Townsville Urban Sketching with limited experience in this art facet. I was not disappointed. ​
Feedback from 2018 drawing workshop at Umbrella Studio.